Shopware Release Notes

  • Demo project “Codixio Crafts” ( Core)
    Demo project “Codixio Crafts” ( Core)
  • Demo project “Menucard” (Symfony)
    Demo project “Menucard” (Symfony)
  • Test the Shopware 6 demo store now
    Test the Shopware 6 demo store now


Shopware has released a new version, with enhanced features to improve the user experience. You can now change the order of images in the image-slider via drag and drop, making it easy to create engaging pages for your customers. The community voted and chose this improvement, which has now been implemented.

You can also automate your e-commerce processes using the Shopware rule builder. With over 50 conditions to choose from, you can create rules tailored to your business needs, whether for content management, marketing, or payment and shipping. The latest release includes new conditions to check if an order has a tracking code, a specific status, or a certain value for custom fields. You can also set conditions to check if a cart reaches a certain threshold for shipping costs or if a customer has a specific number of reviews.

Shopware now supports US English, allowing you or your employees to use the platform in American English. Additionally, the latest release includes improvements to page performance, especially on the shopping cart page and in the administration section, resulting in faster loading times and smoother navigation.

Furthermore, to enhance usability, Shopware has added filter options to the product listing section and a search bar for easier access to promotions. The order overview now also displays a notification if a comment has been added.

Several developer-related improvements have also been made, such as fixes to the icon cache and logout process and improved compatibility with the Google Cloud Storage adapter. Overall, this release strengthens Shopware as a reliable and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

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